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Our Top Recommendation - Rocket Italian

Rocket Italian Review
  • Improve your résumé and professional career prospects
  • Meet and communicate with new Italian speaking friends
  • Travel to Italy and other Italian speaking countries
  • Learn to speak Italian with your children and friends

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To learn Italian in the easiest and best way possible, we recommend a 3 step process which aims to build your Italian knowledge naturally and exponentially. This 3 step plan focuses on building your Italian up in a way that means you're constantly learning and growing your knowledge more and more as the learning process continues.

To begin with, we suggest you learn the basics of Italian with a quality Italian course such as Rocket Italian or Rosetta Stone. This will give you the base knowledge needed for the quickest progression in steps 2 & 3. Learning with one of these courses will undoubtedly give you a great and large amount of knowledge which you can refer to again and again.

We call this step the "foundation builder" because it simply builds a foundation of knowledge which you then build on through the next steps. It's essential that you get this step correct with high quality information and knowledge because you'll be relying on it every single day when you put your Italian to the test in the real world.

After you've ploughed your way through an Italian course and learned all it can teach to the fullest, it's time to put your new knowledge to use and start speaking to fluent Italian speakers. That's the second step of our plan -- to get out and talk to as many people fluent in Italian as possible.

This step will be a big jump for many people but it's important to note that it will be difficult at first. If you use an Italian course solely to learn your basic foundation knowledge, you will likely not talk to anyone else while you learn (unless you use Rosetta Stone). This means that getting your accent, pronunciation and translation all sorted will only come naturally once you've spoken to at least a couple of fluent Italian speakers.

The whole point of this step is to get your confidence, motivation and natural ability all toned with the language. It's okay learning all about the language on your own or with a friend... but it won't give you the real world skills that are so important in truly conquering this language.

The trick to this step is to just forget that you're going to be fluent one day. Forget about how stupid you might feel trying to talk a language you don't fully understand yet and just think about if someone who didn't quite know English started talking to you -- you'd be as helpful and understanding as possible, right? Well that's how they'll be with you!

If you try and talk to people or just brush up on your Italian for at least 30 minutes every single day, you will be fluent in a couple of weeks. Step 3 is all about constant improvement which will give you the confidence and ability to get out and learn even more about the language and more notably, the culture behind it.

And that's it -- our 3 step plan to best learn Italian. It's a powerful method that will definitely have you speaking Italian confidently in just a couple of months. It's all dependant on how much time and effort you put into the process as well as how well you build your foundation of knowledge in step 1.

See an abbreviated version of this process on our homepage.

Rocket Italian Review


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