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Learn Italian For Your Partner

Our Top Recommendation - Rocket Italian

Rocket Italian Review
  • Improve your résumé and professional career prospects
  • Meet and communicate with new Italian speaking friends
  • Travel to Italy and other Italian speaking countries
  • Learn to speak Italian with your children and friends

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It can be annoying if you're seeing someone and enjoying a vibrant relationship to be constantly battling the language barrier. As simple a problem it is, the lack of understanding and communication is one of the main reasons differing language couples break up throughout the world. Love has a habit of casting a spell on anyone, regardless of language, culture and birth place, which is why it is so important to minimize the language barrier in any relationship you have.

Language is the mainstay of human communication. Literally everything we do is dominated by language, from watching TV to reading the newspaper... it all depends on us being able to understand our language. If your partner doesn't understand that language then you both have a problem.

What's worse is if your partner speaks a major language such as Italian. This is because there are literally so many easy ways to learn a language as far reaching as Italian that there is no excuse for you to not learn it. There are thousands of books on the subject, tons of workshops and plenty of courses, which makes learning a lot easier; however it can still be challenging.

If you're looking to learn Italian for your partner, then we suggest you start with an Italian course. Italian courses are there to teach you the basics of Italian and, at best, to give you the ability to speak Italian confidently. Our recommended Italian course, Rocket Italian, claims to be able to have you speaking Italian confidently in 3 months. This means that you will learn an intermediate level of Italian which will be enough for you to communicate effectively with your partner.

Italian courses do not give you the ability to speak fluent Italian. They simply build a solid foundation for your Italian, which allows you to then speak to natural Italian speakers to improve your speaking that way. You're very lucky if you have someone to talk to, which will allow you to improve your Italian every day.

Here's a simple outline of how to best learn Italian for your partner:

  1. Build a solid "foundation" of knowledge with an Italian course such as Rocket Italian. This will allow you to communicate a lot better with your Italian speaking partner and will also mean you can simply add words to your vocabulary and grammar over time.

  2. Hone your skills and start to really develop your Italian by speaking more in depth with your partner. This will be moderately difficult at first but will quickly improve as you start to pick up the language.

  3. Speak Italian every day to keep it all fresh in your mind.

And that's it. That's the basic plan anyone should follow if they want to learn Italian for their partner. It's great because, unlike most people learning Italian, you will have the added value of being able to communicate with a natural Italian speaker whenever you need or want to!

Rocket Italian Review


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Rocket Italian Review