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Our Top Recommendation - Rocket Italian

Rocket Italian Review
  • Improve your résumé and professional career prospects
  • Meet and communicate with new Italian speaking friends
  • Travel to Italy and other Italian speaking countries
  • Learn to speak Italian with your children and friends

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Italian courses come in many shapes and sizes, but which one's the best? What works? What gets you speaking Italian the quickest and easiest?

When selecting an Italian course, you need to understand that not all courses were created equal. As demonstrated by our Italian course reviews, there are definitely good and bad courses. We recommend Rocket Italian as the definitive Italian course which will almost certainly teach you Italian in the best way possible.

Italian courses vary in quality. Some are great and some are very poor, which is why you need to be certain about which Italian course you're buying before you go ahead and part with your cash. We've heard of people going through 5 Italian courses before finding one that truly teaches them what they want to learn.

The truth is that you will only be able to work on recommendations, and when selecting an Italian course -- you need to be sure that you're investing in the best one. That's why we have established this site -- so you can quickly and easily separate the best from the worst.

Rocket Italian, in our eyes, is the best Italian course because it gives you something that no other Italian course does. It gives you the ability to easily enjoy what you're learning. By enjoying what you're doing, you automatically maintain focus, which means that you end up learning more in a shorter period of time.

To keep your focus, Rocket Italian uses audio, visual, written and interactive resources. By learning Italian with several different media, learning Italian becomes more fun and exciting than just reading a huge book or listening to hours and hours of boring lessons.

When choosing your own Italian course to learn Italian with, you need to look at several factors which should determine how good the course is:

  • The Quality of the Course

Look at what the authors offer you on the website. See how much information you gain access to and judge how well this would likely teach you.

The quality of the resources that Rocket Italian offers are just outstanding, as they allow anyone, with whatever Italian experience, to improve and develop their Italian language skills.

  • The Value for Money

Each Italian course has its own way of doing things, and some are better than others, which means that the value for money of each course can get confusing sometimes.

For guidance, we always refer to Rocket Italian as being the Italian course that gives you the best course content. For $99 (instant download), you gain access to hours of quality audio lessons, interactive computer software and many backup ebooks.

  • Customer Support and Guarantees

Most Italian courses you can purchase online come with some sort of guarantee. Rocket Italian comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

To give you a more definitive idea of how good the course is, it provides you with free lessons. Rocket Italian gives you 6 free audio lessons half way down this page.

Hopefully this guide will give you an idea of what to expect from quality Italian courses.

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Rocket Italian Review


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Rocket Italian Review